The Arena Rock Recording Company ('ARRCO') was founded by Greg Glover and Dan Ralph in a hole-in-the-wall (Milano's Bar) on NYC's Lower East Side sometime in the mid-1990s. Several pints deep into conversation the name 'Arena Rock' replaced 'Stiff Goat Records' as the two anxiously awaited their measly tax return checks (Greg's from waiting tables and Dan's from a bubble gum factory). Not too long afterwards, ARRCO 001 was printed on a Superdrag 7-inch sleeve. Over the next several years, the label would go on to issue acclaimed releases from: Elf Power, Illyah Kuryahkin, Harvey Danger, Superdrag, Calla, Luna (Live), The Boggs, The Gloria Record, Autumn Defense, The Swords Project, Mink Lungs, The Twang, Old Light, Parson Red Heads and many more. ARRCO has also given new life to 'vintage' releases by re-issuing: The House Of Love, Bob Desper, Carnival Season, Winter Hours and Larry Norman.

Greg continues to be the sole owner of ARRCO and currently operates the label out of Portland, OR.

ARRCO is distributed by Redeye in the U.S.A.


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