Parsons Red Heads - band photo

photo: liz devine

The Parson Red Heads have signed to The Arena Rock Recording Company and are set to release their anticipated new album, Yearling, August 16th. The 11-track album was produced by sometimes-band-mate Raymond Richards at Red Rockets Glare (Los Angeles CA) and by Chris Stamey, of legendary Southern jangle-pop band, The dB's, at Mitch Easter's Fidelitorium Studios (Kernersville, NC); and Yearling was mixed by Stamey at Modern Recording (Chapel Hill, NC).

'The title of the new record "Yearling" has all sorts of meanings', says singer Evan Parsons. 'For us - with this album - the obvious is that the record took between one and two years to make (see: definition of "yearling") but it means much more than that. The collection of songs tell stories about learning as you go, moving on when you finally realize you can't turn back and loving people when you can. It's a record about growing up made by a band that's growing up (and still are!). The songs and messages are very important to us, as are the performances and memories we have of the creation of this album. We consider it a big step for us, although one step of many, but an important one nonetheless.'