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They've crossed the States eight times in the past four years, crashed on nearly every floor between New York and California, left no less than three vans to die in various parts of the country, and by now have lost nearly everything. So, for Pilot To Gunner, "hip" is a useless crutch, lost to a typhoon of hard rock n' roll realities. There is no longer any room for pretenders, no patience for pretense, no stomach for style. What you see is real. What you hear is rock. And what they're about to offer you is redemption.

On their second full-length, the aptly titled Get Saved, New York City's Pilot To Gunner deliver a bolt of D.C.-inspired apocalypse that defies any qualifier. It is part punk, part post, and all rock. The kind you'd expect from a band that captures all of New York City - from the sky-scraping towers to the shady alleyways - like no other primped and propped-up outfit of Gotham poseurs can.

There's no doubt that this outfit is a mish-mash of various fuck-ups. After all, this is the band that traded blows with their newfound label president moments after signing their contract. However, when they lock in together on one of their dark anthems, they are magnificent fuck-ups.

Despite jerking listeners to attention on their lauded debut, Games at High Speeds, they've topped themselves on the J. Robbins-produced Get Saved.

With sinuous grooves courtesy of drummer Kurt Herrman alongside Padden's shout-along vocals, tracks like "The Product," "Hey Carrier," and the title track are custom made for fist pumping. Martin McLoughlin's bass slinks and dives, twisting "Downstate" into dub-inflected thunder. The first single, "Barrio Superstarrio," featuring the charged call-and-response interplay between lead guitarist Patrick Hegarty and Padden, blasts straight out of a 1960's motorcycle gang pulp flick.

And lurking beneath the chaotic surface, are Padden's switchblade-sharp lyrics. Taking on scenesters, societal lepers, heavy-handed heroes and non-believers with the conviction of a new school prophet, he and the band simply deliver what most others can't or won't: Truth with the songs to back it up.

You've been warned:
Pilot To Gunner are coming to save you.
So hide your everything.

reviews for this artist

"Alert the hipster police: a Brooklyn band that's more earnest than ironic! One great album"
-- Blender

"After taking the last great band name up for grabs, the Brooklyn, NY, quartet set about making great low-fuss, guitar-driven, melodic rock. Makes the countless emo pretenders look as poseurlike as a trucker hat"
-- FHM

"An antithesis to the fashion conscious droves of 'punks' emerging from their NY lofts claiming ghetto credentials"
-- Kerrang!

"Part punk, part post, and all rock. Captures NYC like no other primped and propped up outfit of Gotham poseurs can."
-- Mojo